That's Me~ Irene Yinyin

That's Me~ Irene Yinyin

01 November 2011

My Hope~

I hope~ 我能陪你多一点~·
I hope~ 我能成为你身边最成功的女朋友
          你生病。。我都不知道~ 我却在游乐场合朋友开心。。为何不告诉我?请别告诉我。。你因为不要我玩的不开心。。我不想当个自私的女朋友。。我不是这样的人。。请别把我弄成这样。。我会很内疚很心痛。。我会觉得自己帮不到什么忙~也做到什么任何事..
          我很失败。。。什么都不懂。。我不了解你~ 我不能做到最棒~差点想放弃。。。因为我给不到你任何东西。。。基本的陪伴都做不到。。对不起 



       hey is November...long time dint open u '' blogger'' i have something share with u u wanna hear? u r the one can let me say something here..sharing with the follower and u ''blogger''....actually nt a big deal at all...just something blank on my brain with something problem..and ~ ~ something make me confuse and disapointed ...
        My friend tell me that..maybe sometime i'm the 1 thinking too much..think negative .. I wanna say no! I'm not...i know i'm the worse ..i dint happy what i have nw...I THINK ALL I HAVE NW IS FAKE!...我不需要任何的同情!!我需要的是真心。。可以吗?

04 Oktober 2011


 早安哦~ 从恶梦里醒过来。。就看见旁里有我的电话。。电话里就有你的信息了。。信息的内容不必说出来。。而是知道这是一种让我失去信心的一封信息。。是我不了解你。。还是你不了我啊??就是彼此不坦白的我们。。就变成这样了。。。如果这样不相信你。。我不会那么的爱你了。。太爱你才会吃醋。。这是很正常的。。也许对你来说是‘幼稚‘ 的想法。。为了小事而要吃醋。。我就是这样。。难道喜欢看着我对你一点感觉一点反应都没有吗??。。还假装说好嘛??我。。做不到~ 我可以告诉你。。我不是这样的人。。

03 September 2011


                                                           可爱到~ 太多表情了啦 ^.^


是你,改变了我,我是个冷血冷淡的女孩。。不懂得如何去在乎男朋友的一切。。但是现在的我就不同了~                                                                                                                               我。。。竟然会吃醋~ 这证明了什么?? 证明了。。我爱你。。
我。。。竟然会在乎你的一切~这证明了什么?? 证明了。。我懂得给与关怀
我。。。竟然会担心~这也证明了什么?? 证明了我。。不想失去你这个傻瓜~ 


31 Julai 2011

You are My Sunshine Baby O(∩_∩)O

            You are my Sunshine
                         My only Sunshine
             You make me Happy,when sky are grey
                         You never know Dear how much I love you
              And please don't take My Sunshine away 
    Baby...This afternoon when you fetch me practice dance..on the car I record your Funny face cute you are...make me more love you...your Smile just like a Sunshine for me..My only Sunshine...Muacksxsx..We are unbreakable~always stick together whatever where we are.. you always accompany me ...
    Do you still remember?? At that time, you are playing badminton then you forget about me...but at last u feel that you are missing someone...that how I back home?? Next, you speed your car return to the studio and find me..I was shock..what wrong with you?? why are you return back here?...after listen the reason..I'm so happy ..wanna hug you hardly and kiss you many time ^.^ cute little Baby..I'm glad to have you now...I know you wont leave easily...I trust you full of my heart now..let me thing back you done a lot things to me..and you ask me 1 questions that '' What do you feel when I'm with you now, are you feel suffer??''..I don't like to heard that actually..Its because I never feel suffer with you..I 'm Happy with you Baby!!! I feel comfortable with you..especially when you hug me..I like that... This is My luck to have you Baby..Do you Listen that!! hehehe ^.^

I'm so Sorry my Baby TT

     Hey..Irene here....have a bit bad mood 2day...I done a lot of mistake on my Baby..I'm so sorry...It does not mean that I don't love you...The 1st time ~ 2nd time ~ 3rd time ~ I always done the same mistake..That I always mad at you...without make sure anything and scolded you...I'm hurt you know that?? After this I cried..I hate myself why I cant control my emotional !...It does not mean I hate you Baby...I so care about you..I scard that you will leave me alone...So Sorry my baby..pls forgive me.. T T
     The 1st think that I dint trust you that are wrong~ I trust you more than I could to..because I love you..I wont let you go easily..I wont let you leave me easily..I will walk with you until the end of my life...You are the sweetest man that I had never met before..You are the Best in my life...Just like an Angle protect  me behind ...give me all the happiness...always stand by my sides...I trust you that you wont let me stay alone... Baby..its not your are doing the best thing just for me...but I treat you badly...I'm useless...I dint keep my the thing is...Do you trust me wont do it again?? [ tell me your answer]
      I so sorry on you my Baby...forgive me what I have done to you before...but pls dun forget...I love you more than I could!! Muacksxsxsx....